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A web-based RF simulation tool to simplify your WLAN deployment
When to Use
A Simple & Practical Tool for Wi-Fi Pre-sales Planning
Wi-Fi Planner PRO provides comprehensive visualization of Wi-Fi environment prior to actual deployment. It makes planning and communicating WLAN deployment with the clients a lot easier!
Create a project
The first thing you need to do is creating a project folder. Next, upload an image of  the floor plan for your Wi-Fi project . The floor plan can be provided by customers or drawn by you. 
Then "scale" the floor map to  produce an estimate of the measure of the floor plan.
Define Zones, Obstacles & Areas
Next, define the Wi-Fi coverage zone and access point exclusion zone. Mark obstacles such as walls or doors, and  indicate special zones, such as closed office space or warehouse. This will help WFP produce a more accurate simulation. 
Zone Type
Obstacle Type
Area Type
Place Access Points by Advisor
After all the conditions are set, the built-in AP Placement Advisor will provide a suggestion on the number of AP and the AP placement that are needed for the Wi-Fi planning.
Review Deployment & Heat Map
Once the calculation is done, you will see the number and placement of APs, as well as the APs information and heat map that shows the simulation of the Wi-Fi coverage. 
Make Adjustments As Needed
Change to Different Model
If the result suggested by the Advisor is not satisfactory, just click on any AP on the floor map to change another to 
D-Link model. You may adjust its parameters if needed.
Add External Antenna
You can aslo add an external antenna for particular APs on the floor plan. The system will bring up antenna information before actually modifying any settings.
Other Changes You Can Do...
You can also re-position the APs by dragging it, delete APs, or add new ones to create a deployment that better suits your need.
Generate Report
WFP can provides reports in two formats : PDF and Word files. Key items included in the report are:
  .AP inventory list
  .AP details
  .AP location map
  .Wi-Fi heat map
Before You Start
Before you start using this amazing tool in your wireless projects, there are a few precautions that require your attention:
Simulation ≠ Reality
The result generated from the WFP is a simulation of the Wi-Fi planning before actual deployment. It should NOT be used to replace the actual survey after deployment.
Environment Matters
The WFP is NOT suitable for outdoor environments or indoor environments with distinct floor surface levels. 
Height Matters
The simulation can NOT be accurately used  if AP is installed on the roof of high-ceiling building such as warehouses or halls.