Visualize Camera Placement and Coverage
on Floor Plans
A web-based tool to make your surveillance project design easier
For Your Surveillance Proposal
Surveillance Floor Planner is designed to facilitate surveillance project planning. After discussion with the clients, sales or pre-sales can use Surveillance Floor Planner to select cameras, simulate camera placement and coverage based on clients’ need. It helps users to present their solutions to clients in a more clear and professional way.
Feature Highlights
Place cameras & adjust settings for better surveillance coverage
The interactive camera views show users the respective camera coverage areas based on individual settings, allowing users to determine the most ideal camera setup for the best surveillance coverage. 
Export report with every camera detail on floor plans
Once the optimal setup is determined, users can then export the report with camera details such as height and angle for professional installation. 
Manage multiple projects simultaneously
The project-centered design provides users the option to save several floor plans in a project, or save multiple projects at the same time. Users can manage their surveillance projects more easily and conveniently. 
Check this out!
To get a quick preview of how Surveillance Floor Planner can make your project design easier, just take a few minutes to check out this video!
GUI Overview
Add Project & Floor Plan
When you click on the Create Project icon, you will be asked to upload a floor plan and set dimensions of the plan as well. You can add more floor plans to this project or change the dimension later.
Add Cameras on Floor Plan
Surveillance Floor Planner supports all D-Link cameras. You can select or search the model from different types of camera for your need.
After adding a camera, you can drag it for different placement, rotate it in a particular direction, and add info such as the location and code number for future deployment.
Adjust Camera Settings to Fit Real Environment
Next you can fine tune the parameters of lens or installation to get the optimal surveillance coverage. The interactive camera view shows you not only the 2D coverage, but also the 3D illustration of the camera FOV to give you a clear idea.
Export Floor Plan as Image
Surveillance Floor Planner also provides the option to export the image of a floor map at any point of your design. It makes it easier and more convenient to discuss your design or present your solution to customers.
Duplicate Camera Placement
In larger surveillance project where you may have similar camera deployment on several floors, designing the deployment of one floor and then duplicating it for the rest of the floors will save you lots of time and effort! 
Export Report 
You can view and edit the report in html format, or export it as a PDF file. The report consists of 4 parts:
.Project summary
.Camera list
.Camera placement on floor map
.Camera FOV on floor map
Camera list
Camera placement on floor map
Camera FOV on floor map