First Time Setup

Configure your network devices for first time deployment.

Solve IP Conflict

"Auto IP assignment" to quickly set devices IP address in a range.

Batch Config

Configure devices to perform actions at once.


Manage different devices in different network scope.

DNA Tour Steps

Tell You what DNA Can Do

Configure your network devices for first time deployment

Quickly perform the first time setup for your D-Link devices. Solve IP conflicts, change user credentials, configure time and date, and enable or disable SNMP for network management.

An intuitive interface for setting up individual devices

Easily configure individual settings for each separate device. Use DNA to upgrade firmware, back up or restore configurations, change user credentials and reboot or reset a device.

Configure multiple devices at once

Select multiple devices and configure them as a group. Perform firmware upgrades, backup configurations, change IP/SNMP settings, change credentials, and reset/reboot all devices at once.

Divide and manage devices using Workspaces

Arrange and configure devices across multiple workspaces, each with its own device list and history.

Has device deployment ever been easier?

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